Journey to Isfjall

Session One (March 21, 2019) Kaarlo Magnesson is the master of the Dragonsbreath, a merchant longship plying the Wodenain between the coast and the city of Isfjall. He intends at all costs to get to Isfjall by the Summer Solstice Festival as that day he intends to marry Anja Yngvesdottir, the daughter of a jarl in […]

The Wedding

Session Two (April 4, 2019) Grend Gnashtooth’s attunement to nature can tell that the lake, and the area around Isfjall, has an elevated level of Nature’s Strength. The party walks around the town of Isfjall. They notice that the people tend to wear their wealth; gold and silver rings, torcs, armbands, etc, abound, along with […]

I Smell a Rat

April 11, 2019 Session Three Recap (written by Julie): The group is standing on the stairs waiting for the door to be opened. Grend gets his pack so he can treat those who are hurt. Leeander told the group she heard what she thought was giant rats. Grend takes care of Findlay’s wound. He also […]

A Rude Surprise

I Smell A Rat, Session Four (April 18, 2019) (Sorry this is delayed, and as I don’t have good notes from the two battles, it is necessarily less detailed…) The heroes are standing around the Peshkali, weapons drawn, while Findley continues to play the Song of Command to keep it subdued. At the appointed moment […]

Deeper into the Dungeon

Session Five (May 2, 2019) After the zombie battle, Grend uses his Esoteric Medicine skills to first-aid the party. He is able to patch up and bandage them all but this only helps marginally. Gritting his teeth, he resigns himself to the Sacrifice – a prayer he knows that heals another by transferring their damage onto himself. […]

This Way to the Egress

Session Six (May 9, 2019) The party is still in the chamber at the end of the blasted passage where they defeated the “husk” of Meryle. They take the snake’s tooth medallion and the signet ring, and begin to make their way back to the surface. Around 200’ up from the bottom, the party hears […]

The Lost Hall

Session Report (May 23, 2019) Geirof comes in and sits with them.  “The town of Isfjall owes you a debt, whether they know it or not,” he says. “I was afraid that the demonic activity in the Frostharrow would eventually reach here, but I’m a little surprised it got here as soon as now.” When […]

The Journey

Session Report (May 23, 2019)  The party meets Geirof a week later, collects the supplies and pack ponies he’s provided, and sets off to find the ruins of Logiheimli.  They travel northwards along the plains between the Greniheim Forest towards the East and the hills at the foot of the Vestrurham Range to the West. […]

Into the Ruins of Logiheimli

Session Report (June 13, 2018) With darkness coming on, they decide to retreat for the night outside the ruins and the desecrated, low mana, defiled area. They look for a suitable place to camp but cannot find a spot that is protected from the rain and the cold which settles around them as darkness falls. […]

A Ghoulish Reception

Session Report (June 20 and June 27, 2019) More skeletons continue to emerge from the ruins as the battle goes on. Enok gets separated from Findlay at some point, and is surrounded. He holds them off — several times it looks like he is about to be taken down but miraculously manages to avoid major […]