Obelisks of Evil

Session Report (July 10) Our heroes continue to scope out the rest of the ruined temple to Tyr, and find a storeroom, and some other living quarters. They decide to go back to the large living suite on the other side of the temple. They enter and begin searching. The room is open to the […]

A Sturdy Door

Session Report (July 17) Part One A set of runes is carved into the lintel of the doors. “Law over All,” Enok reads. Drex examines the door and finds no traps or hidden mechanisms. Trying the door finds it unyielding, but there is no obvious keyhole. Shae takes Drex’s crowbar and attempts to force the […]

A Sturdy Door (Part 2)

Session Report (July 17) A couple of minutes after Shae walks through the wall into the unseen chamber beyond, the magelocked doors suddenly fly open. In the opening there is the wavering, translucent figure of a warrior in mail. “Enter…” They hear the voice in their heads. They see the burial chamber and Shae waiting […]

Return to Isfjall

Session Report (August 29) The party of adventurers take their leave from the barrow at Logiheimll and begin the long hike back to Isfjall. Several days later they reach the town after a couple of minor encounters — one with a bear, the other with a wild boar. In Isfjall, they find Geirolf Tyrthegne and […]

The Contest

Session Report (September 5) The adventurers meets up with Arne on the morning of their departure. (All but Drex, who told them to go without him suddenly, the night before. “I have some business to take care of,” he said. “If I am done in the next few days, I’ll catch up…”) Arne drops to […]

This One Time, at Bandit Camp…

October 10, 2019 The band of hale companions quickly leave the area in case the Hulder faerie returns. They make camp, set watches, eat, etc. The next day they set out again, keeping the forest on their right hand, and heading generally north. In the afternoon, they see more dense forest appearing in the distance […]

Let Me Axe You a Question

November 7, 2019 The party returns to the vicinity of the bandit camp. They decide that Shae and Grend, being the sneakiest (Drex, where are you??) will sneak into the camp and to the leader’s tent. If possible, they will free the girl and sneak back out. They figure both are needed in case the […]

“Go for the Eyes, Boo!”

November 14 and December 15, 2019 Sorry for the abbreviated and combined reports — I’ve been lazy and haven’t gotten around to writing these up until now! The party continues on their journey. The weather is getting colder, although no deadly cold. A day or so after leaving the last village, they estimate that they […]

Inside the Waiting Room

Session Report (Jan 5, 2019) The questers are attacked by small demonic creatures known as hrogn. They seem to be able to go invisible at will. Although weak, they are fast and hard to see. The battle is long and frustrating for the group. The hrogn tend to flit about trying to sting its foe. […]

Boss Battle

Session Report (Jan 19, 2019) The plan they come up with is this:  Enok tells them that he thinks blessed or magic weapons will be required to kill the demon, which he calls a “krabbari”. Arne is armed with the Law Giver, the magical broadsword they recovered from the barrow of the Warden and High […]