This Way to the Egress

Session Six (May 9, 2019)

The party is still in the chamber at the end of the blasted passage where they defeated the “husk” of Meryle. They take the snake’s tooth medallion and the signet ring, and begin to make their way back to the surface.

Around 200’ up from the bottom, the party hears the sound of rocks grinding and cracking. They send Drex up ahead to scout. He sees five things (rock mites) that resemble headless stone pygmies. Their torsos are lumpy and egg-shaped. Their legs are stumpy, ending in flat, slate-like “feet,” while the arms terminate in “hands” of rock with four “fingers”. They are picking up chunks of rock and putting them in a “mouth” near the top front of the torso. This jagged maw is filled with a magma-like substance that melts down the rocks and incidentally light the cavern with a flickering, inconstant reddish glow. 

Drex goes back to report. The rock mites appear to be busy eating, and the party thinks they may be able to sneak past. The only member of the party without some skill in stealth is Enok. Grend proposes that Enok get on his back and he will carry the runecaster past the potential danger.

One by one the team sneaks past. Grend, carrying, Enok, goes last. The others make it past the rock mites and into the darkness beyond. Grend finally sets across, but with the effort of carrying Enok, he stumbles, knocking a pile of rocks over which clatter loudly through the cave. The nearest rock mite turns its ‘head’ towards the sound, and walks slowly towards Grend and Enok. Grend stands utterly still waiting … and then the rock mite gets right up in front of him and picks up one of the rocks Grend knocked over and eats it. The thing chews on the rock for a moment, and then shuffles off, finding other tasty tidbits on the cavern floor. 

Grend and Enok make it safely to the other side of tunnel to join the rest of the heroes. 

They continue to climb. Several more hundred feet in, they encounter another rock mite group feeding, and manage to sneak past once more.

Back up at the altar room, the team crosses towards the door with the rune-cursed hallway and the exit. They note that the lanterns they previous took from the room once again turn red as long as they are in this room.

In the rune-limned hallway, they stop and take stock. Grend says that he doesn’t want to pray to Mother Nature again, as too many times in a single day is not good. They decide to take their chances and run across. One by one they dash across. Enok takes some mystic damage as he does so — it feels like all the moisture is being sucked suddenly and violently from his body. He’s weakened but not seriously harmed.

When Björn runs across, he takes a much more potent dose of the evil magics. He falls screaming, and then passes out. The party manages to pull him the rest of the way across, but when they check his signs … Björn is dead! 

Or maybe not. Grend performs his Esoteric Medicine and miraculously Björn’s vital signs come back — weak, but there.

Once in the cellar of Skald’s End the team retrieves the giant rat carcasses they found while burning off the spider webs. They knock on the door to signal to Leeander that they want to be let out.

Leeander lets them out, and expresses concerns as to their wellbeing. On seeing the comatose Björn, she sends Findlay to find a priest named Geirof Tyrthegn.

Meanwhile the rest of the party tells Lee about what they found, including the husk of Meryle. They show her the signet ring. She settles up with them the money she owes – 400cp for the giant rat carcasses. She wants to buy the ring from them but cannot afford it’s full value. Instead, she suggests that she give them as much as she has — another 100cp — plus puts in a good word to the merchant’s guild for them to pay for any of their loot at full price. The party agrees.

Geirof appears with Findlay, and he first sets about healing everyone. Björn, he says, needs to be tended back at the temple. The subterranean demonic temple needs to be properly taken care of — Geirof says he will bring in a group of priests and thegns to clear it out of any remaining creatures, and exorcise and destroy any of the temple’s unholy features. He leaves to arrange for this and eventually returns. 

Meanwhile, Lee lives up to her word and reopens the inn with the team of heroes as the first guests — with room and board on the house. The common room begins to fill up with other patrons as the team sits down to a meal and drinks.

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