The Lost Hall

Session Report (May 23, 2019)

Geirof comes in and sits with them. 

“The town of Isfjall owes you a debt, whether they know it or not,” he says. “I was afraid that the demonic activity in the Frostharrow would eventually reach here, but I’m a little surprised it got here as soon as now.”

When asked about the “demonic activity”, Geirof tells them that the holy warriors and clerics of Heimdallr are spread very thin chasing down demonworshiping cults in the area. “Over 50 members of a demon cult were recently discovered performing a ritual designed to weaken the boundaries between the Nine Realms,” he says. “I believe this, plus the upswing in restless dead attacks, herald a problem: the Lost Hall of Judgment has fallen into evil hands.”

“The Lost Hall is one of the physical connections between this realm, Midgard, and that of the Gods, Asgard. Tyr the Lawgiver reigns in the Hall, and his influence is in part what keeps the powers of Chaos in check.” He sighs. “That influence, I believe, is missing. The reports of demons, demonic cults, undead attacks, and more frequent encounters with the Fae have led me to believe that the Hall has fallen, and with it, its tempering influence.

“Alas, others in my Braeðralag do not agree. They believe the unrest is a temporary thing, and will settle over time. But I know I’m right!” he says, slamming a fist down onto the table. He looks up at the group. “What I need is a brave group of thegns to find the Lost Hall. If it is in demonic or Fae hands, to free it. I can’t offer much in the way of reward, but anyone who manages to do this will have their deeds sung and sagas written about them for ages!” He looks to the party expectantly.

The party agrees to go on Geirof’s quest — he asks them to vow to Tyr to complete the task to the best of their abilities. They agree. 

“Thank you, my friends,” he says. “I have some things that may make the quest easier.” He produces an old map on crumbling vellum and unrolls it. It shows the area north of Isfjall.

“I, uh, liberated this map from the archives in the hajarl’s hall. It is said to contain the location of the Hall of Judgment. I have pored over it, and used magics on it, but it refuses to yield its secrets.” He points at a location. “This is Logiheimli. Once it contained a great temple to Tyr. If any place contains clues as to the Lost Hall, it would be there. Unfortunately, Logiheimli fell to incursions of the evil from the Frostharrow ages ago. I would be very careful entering the ruins.” 

He reaches into a pouch at his side and removes a hematite armlet, with silver chasing in the shape of the Tyr rune. “This is a tiwstakn. It was found on the body of Gyrid, the champion of last year’s Valor festival, after he died. He and a group of thegns ventured into the wilds a few months ago, questing for glory. All were slain, but Gyrid held on and tried to return to Isfjall with hideous injuries. His body was found just days ago outside of town. He was carrying the tiwstakn and a sword, both of which are embued with subtle magics that we have yet to identify. I believe Gyrid’s party discovered clues about the Lost Hall, and that these artifacts are connected to it. Perhaps the magic in this tiwstakn will be useful to those who quest for the Hall.”

Geirof also offers the heroes the purloined sword. “Perhaps this will also be of use,” he says. “Certain demons cannot be defeated without magic weapons.” He sighs. “Alas, I cannot offer much in the way of payment. Perhaps the knowing that you saved Norðlond from an encroaching evil or that you may be successful in rediscovering the Hall of Judgment when others have failed, will be enough. I can provide, however, four pack ponies with water and food to start you on your way.”

The team agrees to the quest.

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