Obelisks of Evil

Session Report (July 10)

Our heroes continue to scope out the rest of the ruined temple to Tyr, and find a storeroom, and some other living quarters. They decide to go back to the large living suite on the other side of the temple.

They enter and begin searching. The room is open to the elements as one corner of the temple has collapsed. Rain and condensation create pools of muck on the stone floor.  Shae searches a large closet/dressing room, in which there are two rotting bureaus/wardrobes, an empty lantern hook on the wall. While she examines the wardrobes, Grend  joins her. He notices that within although the floor in this area is slightly lower than that of the rest of the bedroom, it is remarkably drier.

Findlay joins them, and his musician’s ears pick out the sound of water dripping constantly. The sound seems to be coming up from beneath the floor near a bare wall in the dressing room. They call Drex over to examine the room. He finds the outlines of a trapdoor in the floor but there seems to be no way to open it. Shae tells everyone to start searching for a hidden mechanism, and the party begins searching the walls, floor, etc. After a moment, Grend stands up from what he is examining, walks over to the lantern hook, and pulls it down. The trapdoor swings silently open.

Below they see stairs leading down into the darkness. They descend.

At the bottom there is a stone corridor leading deep under the temple. The ceiling is formed of arched stone, rising some 12 feet overhead. More mouldering boxes, crates, and barrels line the walls. After advancing about 30 feet down the hallway, it turns to the right.

As they round the corner, the frontmost party members (Shae, Grend, Drex, and Enok) see an evil green glow from a chamber up ahead. As they see this, a stack of boxes topped with several barrels against the wall behind them tilts over and falls on them. The barrels — full of water and sealed, each weighing something close to 100 pounds — crash into and around them. Both Shae and Enok are hit by one of the barrels and take significant damage.

Findlay is spared from the collapse of the wall of junk as he had yet to round the corner. Instead, he sees that behind the wall of crates and barrels is an opening, through which three ghouls emerge. They attack Findlay, who begins to defend.

The rest of the party turns around to help Findlay but the footing is treacherous with the remnants of the wall of junk. 

The ghouls coordinate their attacks and it is only via Findlay’s skill and luck that he avoids being hit. The party quickly takes out two of the ghouls. The third turns and begins to runaway down the hallway. Shae, Grend, and Findlay follow. Shae finally catches up to the ghoul upstairs in the dressing room and takes him out.

They return to the corridor with the green glow. At the end the hallway opens into a stone chamber, dominated by a large obelisk set into the center of the floor. The column of stone is glowing green and emanates evil. Against one wall is a nook in which a stone plinth stands, topped with a slanted shelf and raised lip as if it held a book at one time.

Near the wall opposite the plinth stands a large polished stone slab upon which there is an engraving of a grand hall marked with the Tyr rune. It is depicted as situated in the mountains, above a river. Other mountains and landmarks are depicted in great realism around the hall, including a peak with a distinctive silhouette. The party doesn’t recognize the area, but both Shae and Grend think that if they somehow could get close, they could use the landmarks in the engraving to locate the hall. Could this be the lost Hall of Tyr?

They search the room but do not find anything else of interest. They turn towards the evil obelisk. 

Enok reads the runes on the obelisk, and tells the rest of them that it appears to be some sort of curse against Nature. Grend believes that the evil could be removed — and should be removed — either by magically removing the curse, or exorcism, or physically destroying the obelisk.  Lacking either Dispel Magic, Remove Curse, or Exorcism spells or prayers, they decide to go with destruction.

Everyone except Shae leaves the room. She retrieves her mallet and begins to attack the obelisk. It is slow going, but she eventually chips away a large gash in the stone, and then finally breaks it in two. As she does so, it rings like a chime and an explosion of green light rapidly expands out from the artifact, washing over the chamber. The release of evil green energy wounds Shae. As the ringing sound diminishes into the distance, the party can hear two faint echoes from the east — perhaps from the barrow they found outside Logiheimli?

The green glow is gone and immediately Grend feels the Mother’s energy return. The supernatural defilement of Mother Nature has ended with the destruction of the obelisk. The two mana-sensitives — Enok and Findlay — still detect that the area is low mana, however.

The Barrow!

The party decides to go check out the barrow. They find the original doors of the barrow lying on the ground, torn from its hinges. Entering they see a tunnel cut into the earth and shored up with stone beams leading straight into the hill. Some ways down the tunnel it is joined by passages on the left and right. Further ahead the tunnel ends in a double door. At the intersection, they can see another evil green glow, similar to the obelisk underneath the temple, in each direction.

They go to the tunnel on the right. They see another, smaller obelisk set in the center of the tunnel. Beyond it, the passage continues, with several openings on the left and right. Inset into the walls are niches in which they can see the bodies of the dead. They are all in armor with shields and weapons, many of which are ornamented with gold, silver, jewels, etc. For a moment Drex’s eyes shine with avarice, before he is able to control his impulse to loot the bodies of the dead warriors.

Enok interprets the runes — this time the curse seems to reduce the power of the gods from reaching this area. He surmises that there are three obelisks — the one in the temple’s basement defiles Nature, this one corrupts sanctity, and the third must reduce the ambient mana.

They decide to destroy this obelisk as well. This time, Grend uses his knowledge of mining and stone cutting to damage it just to the verge of destruction, then the party stands back as Shae hurls the largest rocks she can find and lift at it. While the work is going on, several of the dead rise from their niches and shamble through the tunnels. They appear to look at the party, but then wander off without attacking.

Shae manages to hit the obelisk and destroy it. This time the party is far enough away that no one takes damage as the glowing green ring of light explodes out from it as it crumbles to the ground. This obelisk’s chime is answered from the direction of the remaining green glow behind them.

Traveling to that location, they indeed find a third evil obelisk. In this part of the barrow, all the bodies appear to be more common folk rather than warriors. 

They destroy it using the same tactics they used on the second one. Again, as the lengthy process progresses, some of the dead rise to move about, but none attack.

When this obelisk is destroyed, two things happen: first, as the flash of green energy expands around it, Findlay and Enok both feel the mana return to the area. Secondly, all the restless dead return to lie down in their niches.

The band of heroes returns to the main tunnel and look at the double doors ahead of them.

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