I Smell a Rat

April 11, 2019

Session Three Recap (written by Julie):

The group is standing on the stairs waiting for the door to be opened. Grend gets his pack so he can treat those who are hurt. Leeander told the group she heard what she thought was giant rats. Grend takes care of Findlay’s wound. He also works on Enok’s wound.

It is a flagstone floor in the cellar. The walls are also quarried walls. Findlay is able to determine that the cellar is full of spiderwebs. Grend grabs some of the spiderwebs and adds them to his esoteric medicine kit. 

We get in position and go into the cellar and burn off the spiderwebs.

There are 6 stone pillars supporting the inn. Each pillar has 2 torch brackets per pillar. Grend gets more torches from Leander and puts them in the pillar brackets.

We eventually clear all except a pile of junk in the far corner, about 5 feet up we see a hole. The junk is covering the hole. Mound of loose dirt, rubble and other cast off junk. Not made by the spiders. In order to see what is there, we have to climb or dig. Shae climbs up the dirt pile. As she is climbing over, she becomes stuck in the spiderwebs in the pile. Drex and Enok see more spiderwebs. Findlay starts to climb up and gets stuck. A humongous spider crawls through the hole. 6 ft across 2 ft wide body. Findlay is able to break free. Shae attempts to strike it, but is unsuccessful. The spider attempts to attack but is unsuccessful. Bjorn rushes the pile and gets stuck. 

Drex holds back. Shae hits the spider. It appears that she hurt the spider and moved him back into the tunnel. It attacks her again. Bjorn attempts to break free and is unsuccessful. Grend has moved begin Bjorn to attempt to break him free of the webs. 

Shae attacks the spider unsuccessfully. Grend is able to pull Bjorn out of the webs. The spider attacks Shae again, and is unsuccessful. Enok burns off more web. Bjorn is able to fire off a shot at the spider and hit it, but it is still up.

Shae attacks, but is unable to connect. Findlay shoots at the spider with his bow and connects. The spider stumbles after being hit. It attacks Shae, and is unsuccessful. Grend has his net at the ready if it attempts to escape. Enok throws a lightning strike and is unsuccessful. Bjorn misses with his arrow. Shae attempts to hit the spider and misses. The spider attempts to eat Shae again and misses. Grend holds off. Enok shoots a sun bolt at the spider. Bjorn shoots at the spider and the arrow bounces off the carapace of the spider.

Drex lights his dagger and throws it at the spider and is successful. But the dagger bounces off the spider and nothing happens. Shae attacks, but is unsuccessful. The spider runs straight up the wall and Grend throws his net at it and it lands on the spider. Enok holds off and will be at ready if the spider escapes the net. Bjorn shoots the spider and it falls off the wall. The spider is flailing in the net and manages to get a few legs free of the net. The spider is practically helpless. Shae hits the spider’s leg. Spider still struggling in the net, in very bad shape. Findlay hits it, but the arrow bounces off. 

Grend harvests some silk from the giant spider. Unsuccessfully. Grend kills the spider with his spear. Attempts to get venom, one dose. 

We attempt to extract Shae from the webs. Drex manages to cut her out. 

We clear the pile and there is a 3×6 ft hole that was man made. Look in the hole with Enok’s continual light staff. Bjorn notices that whoever created the tunnel was not well versed. Sagging areas, planking on the floor, looks unstable. This tunnel looks like it goes straight across. Level, but curves. Findlay plays his song of echoes, but can’t tell what is on the other side of the curve. 

We decide to enter the tunnel. Shae is in front, Grend, Enok, Drex, Findlay and Bjorn enter the tunnel. It curves around, S shaped. We see it opens up, smell sewage. 6×6 conduit. Appears sturdy. Sewer to the left and the right, walls straight ahead. Water about a foot deep. Sewage is flowing downriver, to the left. It is flowing west. Grend jumps in to the poop water and has Enok shine his staff into the tunnel so he can see if there are any hand prints on the walls. Directly across from then opening the wall looks strange. Grend gets Drex and carries him over to the strange looking part of the wall. Drex sees a concealed door. Wooden door made to look like the sewer wall. Drex is successful in opening the door. Grend pushes the door open. Stairs going up. 4 foot of steps going up. The hallway goes about 30 ft and ends in a door. We decide to press on, Grend assists the party in crossing the sewage. 

3 ft high arched to 8 ft. Grend thinks it was carved with magic. Runes spell out type of trap hurting as you go down the corridor. You have to have sold your soul to demons to walk unscathed through the corridor. We all join hands and Grend begins singing. He calls on nature. He doesn’t feel like he is being ignored. We get through the bad corridor unscathed. Opens into room, 15 ft tall ceilings – temple like. 3 dangling lanterns, blood red in hue. 30×30 room. Curtained passage to the east. ON the wall opposite the entrance, there is an altar. Directly behind the altar is a gaping hole. The altar is a blood red color, the curtain is black velvet 6×8 archway. 

This room reeks evil. Some of the group hear something that sounds like slithering. As we enter the room, through the curtained opening comes a snake bodied woman with six arms – Enok knows that it is a peshkali – demon guard. It moves up to the group. Bjorn shoots her in the torso. Drex hides behind Shae. Shae attacks the peshkali, but is unsuccessful. Findlay does his best to not engage her in some type of conversation. The peshkali attacks Enok and is unsuccessful. She attacks him, but falls. Grend attacks the peshkali, and is successful. It doesn’t sink as far as in as he would have thought. She is bleeding profusely from her face.

Enok casts on her, and hits her. Bjorn shoots at her and is not successful. Drex is throwing his dagger at the peshkali and it bounces off. Shae hits the peshkali and is unsuccessful. Findlay starts singing a tune. The peshkali attacks Grend. She hits him with all her attacks and is successful. He retreats. Enok shoots another lightning bolt at her, but it misses. Bjorn shoots and she dodges the arrow. Drex yells to Grend to venom his knife, but not a good idea. He is going to attempt it anyway. 

Shae attacks, and the peshkali parries. Findlay has a contest of wills with the peshkali, and commands her to drop her swords. She drops her swords. She says she is guarding the room and the altar. Findlay asks who instructed her to guard the rooms and she tells us Meryle. Drex is headed to the altar along with Enok. Grend is checking the curtained area. Enok says the altar is evil. He feels a chill when he touches the altar. There is a hall and rooms behind the curtained area. Says that Meryle is behind the altar. 

Drex sneaks up and drips some of the spider venom in her wounds, no reaction. We are set to take care of the peshkali, with Grend standing behind her ready to strike her down.

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